The Buzzin Bee

Providing natural bee products!

The Buzzin Bee is the next generation in the apiary business. As a new apiary, we are focusing on two aspects keeping our products as natural as possible and keeping things local to the Western Washington! This all starts with the bee! We are sourcing local bees proven to thrive here in the Pacific Northwest and demonstrate a strong mite resistant traits. What does this mean for our customers is that we eliminate the need to conduct harsh treatments with acids or chemicals, which is good for you, and the bees overall! From sourcing local bees, providing our products to local markets, and donating 4% of all proceeds back into the community by supporting local charities, The Buzzin Bee is focusing on a quality product over mass distribution.

About The Buzzin Bee!

Establish in March of 2017 and located in unicorporated King County our fresh and local honey is a blend of blackberry, clover, and wild flowers.

Mission Statement

The Buzzin Bee stives to provide the most natural and pure bee based products available. This starts from the bee by sourcing local genetics who live well in the Pacific Northwest weather and show strong resistance to natural pest allowing us to avoid unnecessary and harmful treatments which ensures our honey and wax products are free of harmful chemicals.

Giving Back

The Buzzin Bee believes in providing for the future and to give back to the community! We are working to give 4% of all of our proceeds from sales to local charities who provide education to promote development of local farms and agriculture.

Latest News!

Spring is in the air here in the PNW and the hives are becoming very active! We will have honey for purchase this year. Please check back and follow us on Facebook to get updates!


Help The Bees!

Help or Save the Bees is all the rage these days and many people want to know how they can help the bees. I'm cutting the cludder and providing you three things you can do to really help the bees.

1. Stop Spraying Pesticides!

What!?!? I thought it's all about planting flowers? That's part of it but the number one killer of bees is pesticide use! So if you really want to Save the Bees stop spraying pesticides and then call up your local government and tell them to stop using pesticides that are harmful to pollinators. Of course, those pesticides which are killing bees end up right in the honey too. Studies show the amount of pesticides we intake is small but still traceable but the impact to the bees is much greater. Additional information
MMM yummy pollen from a dandelion.
Enjoying some clover after the long winter
More yummy dandelion pollen.

2. Let Weeds Grow!

Our strive to have perfect manacured lawns is like removal of large swaths of farms for us. A great habitat for bees are lawns with clover, dandalions, and many other weeds which are a great sources of pollen for bees. These weeds are especially important after a long winter or late in the summer and into fall when all of the other flowers and trees are done blooming. So let some weeds grow for the bees! Plus you, your kids, the neighbor kids, or grandkids I'm sure enjoy blowing those dandalion seeds all over the place. I know mine do!

3. Plant Flowers!

Wow third in the list is planting flowers. Yup because wild flowers are good for bees; however, they bloom later in spring and are great for what we call the flow but those weeds are much better to get bees fed after a long winter of being clustered up in the hive.